Topic outline

  • ACE Personal Trainer Practice Questions

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  • Chapter 1 - Role and Scope of Practice for the Personal Trainer

    Important concepts from the chapter:

    1. The knowledge, skills, and abilities of being a successful personal trainer
    2. Code of ethics
    3. Scope of practice
    4. The allied health care continuum
    5. Accreditation through the NCCA
    6. How to get certified and re-certify
    7. Career development

  • Chapter 2 - Principles of Adherence & Motivation

    Important concepts from the chapter:

    1. The factors influencing exercise adherence
    2. Intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation
    3. The effect of leadership qualities on exercise adherence
    4. The personal trainers role in building exercise adherence
    5. The client - trainer relationship
    6. Feedback
    7. Strategies to maintain client motivation

  • Chapter 3 - Communication and Teaching Techniques

    Important concepts from the chapter:

    1. Stages of the client - trainer relationship (rapport, investigation, planning, action)
    2. Strategies for effective communication
    3. Non-verbal communication
    4. Effective listening
    5. Stages of learning and their application for the personal trainer
    6. How to incorporate effective communication and teaching techniques
    7. Motivational interviewing techniques
    8. The tell, show, do approach

  • Chapter 6 - Building Rapport and the Initial Investigation

    Important concepts from the chapter:

    1. Facilitating change and motivational interviewing
    2. The use of communication techniques in the initial consultation
    3. How to perform a ....